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About us

The latest statistics of the country say 97% people in Nepal belong to positive blood group and only 3% belong to negative blood group. To go back to earlier statistics it is only 0.6% people who belonged to negative blood group. As per the country’s policy, generally negative blood is not accepted in replacement or in the blood donation program, if the donor is already screened RH-negative blood because of the chances of expire in the blood bank. That’s why this blood is not easily available in time.

Consequently, so many people are found dying because of the scarcity of it. In such human arid sensitive state, in the initiation of some people who have negative blood have founded a volunteer association in 2001 named Nepal Rare Blood Community.

The community has been meeting more than 70% demand of this district and has been managing person of blood to other districts according to their demands. This community is a voluntary organization opened for the service only to the people who are in need to negative blood for their treatment. It is not run either by government or by NGOs/INGOs. At present, it has 186 persons who are its life long members. For the membership of the community, one must belong to negative blood group.

For the extension to this community, it has opened its two branches in others two districts, who locally provide negative blood to the needy.

The objective of the community is to open many branches in all the districts in the country and make an effort to provide the blood easily to all the places.

At present, the community has a list of 700 people who have negative blood. Among them 500 belong to Chitwan district and the remaining 100 to other districts in the neighborhood. However, these all in the list are not donors. This number is recorded when they had fallen sick and their blood group was tasted.

According to the tradition In Nepal one seeking blood, at first, contacts Blood Bank if they have it, they provide(sometimes it may be there 2/3 units collected unknowingly on blood donation program) otherwise they refer to us.

Sometimes people, who are in touch with us, contact to our office too. In such situation, the office studies the list of the people of negative blood group and invites the members or manages blood taking them to Blood Bank.

Nepal is a developing country. There are bundles of hindrances on the way to the treatment: of the lack of health education, poor economic status etc. besides these things, there is less availability of negative blood and no special care behalf of the Govt. so it is natural that the patient has to suffer much. At the same time the demand of the blood is growing high and higher. In this regard, this community has made its objective to fulfill the demand of this rare blood through public participation.

It is aforesaid that this community has been established only for the service of the sick and injured people and fulfill the demand of negative blood voluntarily. It has stated its correspondence with governmental, private and social organizations in aboard working in the field of negative blood, in order to learn various methods, which can meet the blood so that efficient and prompt service to the needy could be made possible.

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